Tab and Bar Collars: A Man’s Upgrade to Refinement

How your shirt collar, when worn with confidence, will give your look panache

Did you, a well-dressed man, ever want to know what the next horizon is for a dress shirt? If your shirt fits well, it is the right color for you and you have the perfect cufflinks for any occasion. What can you do next?

This article show you one small addition to your closet which will take your dressing to the next level.

Al Pacino wearing a tab collar in Scent of a Woman

Al Pacino wearing a tab collar in Scent of a Woman

A Men’s Dress Shirt Collar With Class

Men always want the next little thing to give themselves an edge. Whether that is a truck accessory, power tool, or haircut, small things make a big difference to a man.

To the well-dressed man, especially one wearing a custom suit, this fact bears singular truth. Well-dressed men know that while the devil is in the details, so are the gems.

Just as a small faux pas can ruin a man’s getup, so a small prize of a change can promote an ensemble from “nice-looking” to superior.

Such a detail, discussed hereafter, is a barred or tabbed collar. These two men’s dress shirt collars will upgrade a man’s look by showing manly refinement.

What is a Tab Collar?

When a man’s dress shirt collar is tabbed, it has two small tabs in the middle of the collar points. These connect beneath the necktie, pushing the knot up and out.

Tab collars connect with a brass stud in bygone days but this detail is seldom found today; nowadays they are connected with hook-and-loop, a button, or snap.

What is a Bar Collar?

A bar collar functions to the same end as a tab collar, but uses a tool called a collar bar to push the knot. Bar collars have sewn-in eyelets on the collar points. A quality collar bar has a cap that screws onto one end. To install the collar bar, unscrew the cap, push the bar down through one eyelet, under the tie, out the other eyelet, and screw the cap back on.

A tab collar

A tab collar. This one attaches with a snap, in the blue circle.

Do not use collar bars which clip onto the collar. These will slip and shift and require adjustment; plus they will look fake and will have the opposite effect you want: a cheap and artificial look. Also, do not wear either a bar or tab collar without a necktie – empty eyelets and loose tabs tell the world that there’s something missing about you.


Good                                                                                               Bad

Why Should a Man Wear a Tab or Bar Collar?

A man who wears a good tab or bar collar properly tells onlookers that there is something emphatically different about him. Tab or bar collars on a man mean that he has gone after and mastered the next little thing to set himself apart and above. Because this ambition is found in nearly all men, that is, to do a small thing with a large result, men who want to have the edge when it comes to their dress shirts should wear a tab or bar collar.

With this small amount of information, a man can wear a tab or bar collar on his dress shirt and will have a sartorial upper hand.