Style, Fitness, & Health – Interview With Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach Ryan Masters

Alright – what would you do if you had a strength coach at your disposal?


What would you ask a man who has successfully transformed his body into an amazing specimen of health?

I talk about style – but the health and shape of your body is a HUGE factor in how sharp/great you’ll look.


Think of the modern James Bond.

Daniel Craig looks great not only because he wears the right clothing that fits him well – he also has a strong and masculine physique.

How can you improve your body build and health?


Well – I have a treat for you.

I interviewed Ryan Master’s of The Workout Corner to find out!


In this interview we discuss:

  • The importance of rest in building muscle.
  • Eating the right food – and how that is the main component in healthy living.
  • The myth of how exercise is the end all be all.
  • Why is water so important in building a healthy body?
  • My rules on buying food.
  • Foods you should be eating and how to incorporate them into your diet.
  • Direct vs. indirect rest.
  • How not getting enough rest can hurt muscle development.
  • Why massages are important to a healthy body (Hopefully my wife reads this!)
  • How much time between workouts?
  • How Ryan ate 7 waffles and will be OK (I hope)
  • How our Body operates as a system.
  • 5 Core exercises that will get you 80% of the way there.

The comments are open – feel free to leave a question and I’ll make sure Ryan give you a quick answer!

  • Bubba St. Jaques-Belanger

    I Look Maaavalass !

  • Bubba St. Jaques-Belanger

    YOU also Look Maaavalaas !

  • larry

    What about cereal in the morning? What kind of cereal do I want to buy?

  • Wes

    great video. Thanks for sharing. drinking water now :)

  • larry

    For lifts (squats) do you recommend high reps or low reps? What grip do you recommend (width) for the bench? Do you eat a lot of small meals a day? Can you give a one or two week workout schedule with time spent working out etc. If I drink alcohol what alcohol should I go with (is beer worse than vodka etc)?

  • “CH”

    Thanks. I am 60 yrs old. Its a wonderful and happy time. But there is a trade-off – I fall out of condition extremely fast and find it very hard to add strength back …. its like muscle development has just stopped. Comments?

  • Vicki Lutz

    I am 60 years old and had by-pass surgery 5 months ago. I’m 5’10’ and 180lbs, that’s up from 174 after surgery. How do you suggest I get back to weight training. I was on a treadmill
    4 days after surgery.

  • John Corcoran

    great interview. AND it was a multi-camera shoot. Very professional.

    I remember a few years ago talking with an attorney who always wore nice suits. Actually, they were decent suits, but nothing you would really write home about. He told me a story about how he’d received a compliment from another attorney who he was opposing at trial at the time. The other attorney was a bit of a jerk and very large – probably about 6’4″, maybe 280 or 300 pounds. The other attorney came up to him and said “Joe, you always look good. How do you do it?” Joe just demurred but he told me “I wanted to say to him — ‘it’s because I’m SKINNY, moron.”

    Anyways, that’s a long story to make the point that losing a few pounds and being healthy can go a long way toward making a good impression.

  • Juan Loza

    thank you for this video, i just turn 24 and im not where i want to be for my age, this will help me lot in my accomplishing my goal. Thank you both

  • Kateshia

    This was another excellent interview! Great job keeping the content fresh and relevant!

  • jesse

    Thanks for the insights really helpful!

  • Modern Connoisseur

    Great interview, great information. This is different for me though because I always do cardio and weight training together and funny enough I hate the bench press, it makes me dizzy for some reason. He talks about Muscle Growth Formula class what about for someone that’s plus size or a bit muscular already and trying to lose bulk, what does he have for them cause that’s the group I’m in.

  • william

    Thanks for the great content, Antonio! I have a few questions and would appreciate answers to any or all of them.

    1. What about push-ups and sit-ups? I’m surprised Ryan didn’t mention them in his 5 core workouts. Any reason? And sit-ups vs. crunches?

    2. Will marathon training stifle muscle development? I like to run half-marathons a few times a year, and my weekly cardio routine is generally 3 shorter runs (30-40min) and 1 long slow run (60-90min). Am I killing my chances of building muscle?

    3. For squats, bench press, etc: barbells or dumbbells? Is there a significance difference?

  • robert

    This is such complete and utter BULLSHIT! That guy was already in good shape in the first photo-sticking out his belly a little, but look how defined his chest is. And the second and third pics are almost the same except for his skin color-there is NO WAY you can get in that kind of shape from nothing in essentially a month-BULLSHIT!

  • Ryan

    Kashi GoLean is great!

  • Ryan

    April -> July = 1 month?

  • Ryan

    Hi William,

    1. Push-ups are great, I like to throw them in at the end of workouts sometimes as ‘finishers’. I prefer leg lifts over crunches

    2. It can certainly hamper it… the key is you need to make sure your food intake is high enough that you’re not burning off muscle

    3. Barbells are the way to go if you’ve got’em

  • Ryan

    Glad you enjoyed it?

  • Ryan

    Awesome Juan, keep up the good work

  • Ryan

    Good point and story, thanks for stopping by John!

  • Ryan

    Hi Vicki,

    Hope the recovery went smooth! I would ease back in slowly, see how you feel. Treadmill or cardio bike is fine, then start with lighter weights to get form down. Food intake / nutrition is a very important are you’ll want to focus on as well (if not already)

  • Ryan

    Gotta stick with it! Make sure you are progressing in your strength training and not just lifting the same weight. Also, if you aren’t getting enough food & rest your muscles won’t get a chance to grow.

  • Ryan Masters

    I have some free workouts you can download at Grip width can vary, 21-26″. You want to limit alcohol as much as possibly, not too big a difference just watch the fruity drinks (extra sugar)

  • Ryan Masters

    Hi Modern,

    Glad you found it helpful! I would try to separate those two if possible. The Muscle Growth Formula will help you lean out if that is your goal… it starts by adding on muscle / then we focus on dropping the fat towards the 2nd half.

    Either way, make sure you’re drinking tons of water, that will help!

  • Manohar Singh

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  • bob smith

    this question is more about healthy eating than exercise, but how do you train yourself to love healthy food. i really like healthy food, fruits, vegetables, and lean chicken. but i just love junk food, sweets and fast food so much more, and that’s whats keeping me from being in good shape. does this mentality ever go away as you train?

  • Telmo Costa

    Great video and great information. I am 17 and my height is about 5 feet 9, but I weight 143 Pounds and I have belly fat and I don’t like it, I don’t feel comfortable… I eat what my mother cooks, so I can’t do a strict diet, so I work my abs once in a while, but it does not work even if I do it for about a week, every day… Help will be much appreciated. Thanks and once again great video.

  • Narayan Arora

    Great video, very informative!
    I had a question for Ryan, consuming how many egg yolks per day would be considered healthy and can you mention any other good & complete protein sources? Thanks.

  • rj

    what are the 5 exercises; i heard; squats, bench, dips, and pullups, what did i miss.

  • Rak

    Hi Ryan n Antonio

    Great interview. But 5 core exercises – I heard squats, B press, pull ups and dips – where’s the fifth? Did I miss something?



  • Matt

    The fifth core exercise is dead lifts, right? Great interview and I really enjoyed hearing your philosophy of fitness to support your lifestyle instead of being your lifestyle.

  • Edmond DSilva

    change a human body so radically is three months is biologically impossible.
    readers must be told, of the drugs (diuretic, GH, steroids, etc”¦) consumed
    & the senseless diets, that these “experts,” conveniently forget to
    readers must be informed, that being “ripped,” “cut,” “shredded,” etc. .. Serve no functional purpose whatsoever, except
    in the desperate hope of getting pussy.