Enjoy Thanksgiving And Skip Black Friday

Yup – that’s my advice.

Ignore all this sales hype and sleep-in on Black Friday.

Instead of getting up at 2AM and freezing in line at Best Buy or Target – stay in bed, relax, and spend time with your family.

Why is a business owner who sells custom clothing telling you this?

Because I’m disgusted at how craftsmanship has fallen to the wayside and how cheap, poor quality products have become the norm.

We live in a disposable society where marketers try to get us to “bite & buy” by screaming that we’ll save money by purchasing their cheaper product.

What they don’t mention is that this cheap product is made with inferior parts, will never perform to our expectations, and won’t last.  A year later you’ll need to replace the item – whether it be a poor quality power drill, cheap recliner, or ill fitted sport jacket.

And the worst part is you were probably never really happy with the sub par product you settled for.

In the effort to save pennies we’ve lost sight that it is costing us dollars in the long run.

Cheap does not equal Value.

Please – read that sentence again. It’s important.

A “value buy” can be cheap, but more often than not value is disguised by a higher initial cost.  And instead of looking at the upfront cost, measure an items “true cost” by the number of uses, the way it performs during each use, and how long it will last.

A $300 pair of dress shoes that lasts you 30 years and looks better with age is a much better value than a $50 pair that fall apart after 2 years and always looked cheap.

What action can you take to ensure you buy “Value”?

The best way to find value is to be an educated shopper who understands quality and is prepared to jump on it when he sees it.

To help you do this (when it comes to menswear at least) – I put my time and money where my mouth is.

In the last 5 months I’ve created over 100 videos to arm you with style knowledge so you can identify quality clothing/shoes/accessories and make wise purchases.

I know many of you all receiving this email will never purchase clothing from me – that’s fine, because my goal is to help men throughout the world dress better no matter how much money they make.


Because I come from humble beginnings and I think every man deserves a fair shot at getting the job, getting the girl, getting the raise, getting the investment for their business…….because dressing better is the first step in succeeding at whatever we set out to do.

This Black Friday sit back and relax. And if you have a few extra minutes – or need a break from family – I would love to see you over at my men’s style video channel and hear your suggestions on how I can make it better.

Have a great long weekend.


Antonio Centeno

Founder, A Tailored Suit & Real Men Real Style

P.S. Some of you all have asked – “How can I help you grow your video channel Antonio?”. The best thing you can do is share my educational videos with the men who need them. Via Facebook, Via Email, Via phone call…..it doesn’t matter – just as long as it gets in front of the guys that need it. Thank you for helping me grow!