Recommended Products

I have a larger section on Approved Men’s Clothing Stores, and you’ll find all of these companies on that page as well. But here are the ones that I’ve reviewed specifically for this site. Many of these have video reviews as well.


Can you handle Bar – Beard Oil Trio

The ritual of oiling one’s beard is a great time to think about the deeper topics of life.The Can You Handlebar oils are meant to provide you some good thoughts to consider during these few moments while the day is still in front of you. Your oil will look as good from the day it arrives until you’ve used the last drop!


The Grim Blades

Grim Blades are the finest hand made American Straight Razor’s and have a luxurious shaving experience with the soap. Each straight razor is made with pride to last lifetimes. Hand this blade down for generations and share the timeless ritual of shaving, ecological responsibility, and of course- a priceless shave.




Jack Black

No, not related to the comic actor (at least as far as we know). These are Jack Black skin products, some of the best out there for men. They have serious obsession with knowing about every ingredient and what it’s doing — which is exactly the trait you want in the folks making your skin creams. Trust me, or better still, check out the website.



Merkur Model 180 Long Handle Safety Razor

The man who loves an extra close shave will be a fan of the Merkur Model 180 Long-handle Safety Razor.

The classic double-edged safety razor is made out of heavy steel and features a chrome finish sturdy razor. The quality materials produce a ultra smooth shave and the replacement blades are about ten to fifty cents a pop at any drugstore. Convert a cartridge razor shaver for Christmas this year.



Philips Norelco

This state-of-the-art shaving system is excellent. No doubt about it, it’s an amazing razor. It works in getting to shave the hard to reach spots on your neck and it cuts so closely and effortlessly. It’s lighter, quieter and more responsive than any electric shaver. You can use this on wet or dry skin and clean up is so easy.



Straight Razors – Strop – For Straight Razor Stropping

The Straight Razor Leather and Cloth Strop is perfect for caring for your razor. There are actually a variety of strops available on the market- make sure you buy a quality strop that lasts as long as you do!


One of the best men’s manicure set comes with 7 top notch TopInox stainless steel instruments that have been handcrafted by experts in Solingen, Germany. All tools are housed in a discreet, masculine black leather case with a magnetic closure. It’s everything a man needs to tend to his nails without extra frills.