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Approved Men’s Clothing Stores

I give all of these companies my strongest recommendation. They are all honest merchants that have impressed me with the way they care about my industry and they all deliver amazing customer service.

Anson Belt & Buckle – Great leather belts with a unique “microadjust” system, very different from your usual tongue-and-holes buckle arrangement.   It’s also a father and son operation, based out of South Carolina.

Black Socks – High-quality socks, underwear, and undershirts — over 1 million socks sold to 74 countries and counting worldwide! Buy individually or set up a yearly “sockscription” package. It all started when co-founder Samy Liechti took his shoes off for a meeting with Japanese businessmen and found a toe sticking out of his mismatched sock…so it’s safe to say they’re motivated over there.

Blue Claw Co. – Made-in-America handcrafted luggage. Tough and stylish. The focus on durability and quality materials pays off with a very long lifespan.

Brighter Man – Specializes in vintage and contemporary men’s accessories. Hats, belts, suspenders, and more. Run by my friend Paul McGregor, a very insightful gentleman! Be sure to check out the free e-book offered at the site.

Brown, Diem – Handcrafted, made-in-the-USA denim. Very unique construction. Jeans for the purist! Chris Brown (the “Brown” in the name) spent 14 years destroying blue jeans on telephone poles rigging wire before setting out to make something a bit more durable, and I’m thrilled with the result.


D’Accord – Latin-style shirts like guayaberas and Mexican wedding shirts made with fine imported linen and cotton. Very unique look for men in the U. S. or Western Europe. Made in Miami,Florida!

Fifth & Brannan – A fairly new clothier on the scene. Out of San Francisco, CA, these guys produce a small line of high-quality products at pretty reasonable prices. If you’re looking to move into upscale menswear, they’re a good place to start your shirting adventures. They also have a blog that’s worth checking out while you’re there!

Fine and Dandy Shop – A mixed bag of “dandy” accessories, everything from neckties to pocket flasks. They source from a number of companies. Matt Fox is a great guy who’s doing his part to get the next generation dressing sharp — they’ve started a “Formal Friday” lately, for example!

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HommeDelicacy – Specializes in men’s accessories: hats, scarves, belts, etc.

Kenton Sorenson – Handcrafted leather goods made to the highest standard possible. We can’t overstate the care that goes into each piece — it’s like a work of art. Wallets, bags, iPhone and laptop cases, and more. The entire operation is family-owned and -operated in Cottage Grove, WI.

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner – One of our favorite products for your leather goods. The company has been family-owned for three generations, with the current owners still using their grandfather’s formula for “Saddle Honey” (adapted to suit less rugged leathers as well, admittedly, but that’s to all our benefit).

Leffot – A small New York store offering a very select range of quality footwear. Many hand-crafted shoes, and a “made to order” program for creating your own style. They’ve got a good store and what I think is one of the best blogs out there specific to men’s shoes, so be sure to check that out.

Jack Black – No, not related to the comic actor (at least as far as we know). These are Jack Black skin products, some of the best out there for men. They have serious obsession with knowing about every ingredient and what it’s doing — which is exactly the trait you want in the folks making your skin creams. Trust me, or better still, check out the website.


Maxwell Scott Bags – Your stop for all things leather, luggage or wallets or everything in between. Hand-crafted with real Italian leather.  Owned by my friend William Scott Forshaw, it’s an English based business looking to make a strong entry into the USA.  You can listen to our discussion about men’s leather bags here.

RibbedTee – The only undershirts you’ll ever need. Seriously. Also the subject of one of our reviews here at RMRS. Founder Mike Schwartz is a good friend and a great entrepreneur!

5th & Lamar – Slim-fit dress shirts, absolutely vital for any men who get a “muffin top” of loose fabric from less fitted brands. Founders Ross and David went through the same experience a lot of us have: looking through various department stores and finally settling for something that doesn’t look great around the waist. They decided they wanted to stop settling for less than perfect and started their own line, for which we’re all now very grateful.

JUZD – Organic bamboo-fiber “streetwear.” A really cool and unique idea. Much more dressed-down than a lot of the clothiers we link to — ideal for younger, urban customers or anyone who wants a more contemporary look.

Ties-Necktie – A large seller of name-brand and designer neckties. I like Hendrick’s site for younger men especially — this is where a lot of college students and recent grads can get a quick leg up on good-quality neckwear at less than retail outlet prices.


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