Beyond Style

A lot of you all ask me what I read when I’m not writing or reading about men’s style.

So here is a short list of some of my favorite websites!

Good Financial Cents – Jeff Rose is an Army combat vet, father, husband, and savvy money manager.  He first came to my attention when he guest posted over at the Art of Manliness, and has stayed on my radar because he continues to give solid information about an industry that is confusing to most men.  Although I don’t invest with Jeff – I have a college friend in Colorado I use – I think his library of financial articles is solid and well worth your time studying.  Also he’s a St Louis Cardinal’s fan.

Mixergy – The internet’s best collection of entrepreneur interviews, articles, and private lessons from those who’ve made it big (or failed trying!). Must-read for anyone starting his/her own business and super important even if you think your business is doing well.  I’m a premium member and think it’s the best membership site on the internet.  I can’t recommend Andrew’s site enough!

The Rise to the Top – Video interviews with successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, DSG focuses on people who have made their successes (legitimately) online.  DSG’s interview style is a bit different, as he likes to have conversations, but don’t let that fool you.  The content here is solid and he should be charging for it!  So grab it while it’s free.

ReelSEO – This is where I go for my video fix – the guys over at Reel SEO are my video consulting team who keep me abreast of the latest and greatest when it pertains to online video.

The Workout Corner – A man’s body is the vessel through which he travels throughout life.  If he takes care of it – it reflects in other aspects of his life and enables him to succeed because he can think clearly, avoid illness and injury, and signal to others he is healthy.  My friend Ryan runs this website, and as that he’s just starting out he’s very accessible – in addition, he has quite a few free videos with solid information on how to improve your physical health.