NEW Real Men Real Style Website – Build Your Wardrobe Membership Site Integration

Sneak-Peak2-400I’ve been working my tail off getting this ready for you guys!

A completely new Real Men Real Style website, with entire new sections on:

Grooming – wet shaving, cologne, lotions, after shave, etc

Business Skills – speaking, networking, how to negotiate, body language

Travel – how to pack light, what to wear on a road trip, luggage

Lifestyle – Masculine furniture, desks, how to create a masculine home where you can feel comfortable.

The new website is launching August 12th!

In addition – we are integrating Build Your Wardrobe – my premium membership site that for 2 years been only available to graduates of my exclusive master level course, The Style System.

Click here to watch my video and learn more!


So how to be one of the first 50 men in the new Build Your Wardrobe Membership Site?

Two options.

1) Purchase A Man’s Guide To Style (AMGTS) and BOOM – you are on the priority list automatically.

Specifically, men that own my home-study course will get first in line privilege & receive a discount EQUAL to what they paid for AMGTS.

You are the VIP I developed this membership site for.  Click here to join over 5,000 satisfied men!



2) Join the Build Your Wardrobe wait-list here.

I only am opening up 50 spots of which approximately 10 or so will be available to this wait-list.


Why do I limit the number of people allowed in?

Simply put – I want to bring people in as a group and make sure you are treated with personal attention.

This may appear to be a bit old school – but I value quality over quantity and want men who are serious about presenting themselves better

FYI – any existing BYW members (aka – Style System graduates) get in for free.  It’s one of your perks for graduating from my 5 week college level course.


  • Feras Ares

    all the best :)

  • Paulo André Silveira Júnior

    You gave me a scare there man! Shutting down?! But thankfully it’s just RMRS evolving.

    I hope the new website works well on mobile devices, really glad you will be talking about business and lifestyle as well!

  • darel

    Have you considered workshops? Like a tour… possibly sponsored by Men’s Warehouse?

  • John Corcoran

    can’t wait to see the new site! Congrats Antonio.

  • Sharky of

    Sooo excited! Keep up the great work Antonio!

  • Jonathan Yeboah

    That headline really did catch me off guard, cheers for bigger and better things!

  • menstyle

    Thank you, Jonathan!

  • menstyle

    Thank you, Sharky!

  • menstyle

    Not really. But who knows? :)

  • menstyle

    Haha! Thanks, Paulo!

  • john valen

    i cant wait for the new site Antonio , congrats

  • menstyle

    Thanks, Feras!

  • RMRStyle

    Thank you so much John! Excited to share it with you guys……

  • menstyle

    Thank you, John!

  • Steven Masters

    Yes, Antonio, you REALLY caught my off guard with your headliner. Congratulations on the new website. I can’t wait for the new Real Men Real Style.
    As always, from your hometown, Stay Cool!

  • menstyle

    Haha! That was kind my intention! Glad it worked! :) Thank you for your kind words, Steven! :)

  • Faraz

    Great. Keep up the great work.

  • menstyle

    Thank you, Faraz! :)

  • Keith Thomas

    Got “A Man’s Guide to Style” on my ipod and will be listening in the car. Thanks for all the great information.

  • menstyle

    That’s awesome, Keith! :)