Why I Never Tire Of Dressing Sharp – 5 Tips From Las Vegas

That’s right – I’m in Vegas!

roderick russell sword swallower

Roderick explained to me how he did this – but I won’t be trying to do it:)

Just finished attending New Media Expo where over a thousand online business people traded ideas for 3 days.

Met some amazing people to include a woman who has interviewed over 80 millionaires, a top notch sales coach, and a man who swallows swords and uses that talent to help you become a better person.

Yea – I’ll be following up with Roderick the Sword Swallower here again in 2013.

He has style and confidence!


OK – so to the point.


I had a very interesting question asked of me – and I want to share with you the answer I gave.

The questions was:

“Antonio – Do You Ever Get Tired Of Dressing Sharp?”

My answer was an emphatic NO.

I never get tired of looking good – well, maybe never is too strong of a word:)  But the person asking was surprised as dressing well for him was a chore and after 2 days in a suit he was ready to get back into jeans & a t-shirt.


So why don’t I tire of dressing sharp?

Here are my 5 reasons.



Reason #1 –  Practice

You have to make dressing sharp a habit.  Habits are effortless because we no longer are thinking about what we are doing.  No willpower required!

As an athlete or competitor – did you walk out on the game field without ever having practiced?  Of course not.  Everything I wear has been through multiple “rehearsals” – like a musician you test what you wear so there are no surprises the night of the concert.


Reason #2 – Fit Equals Comfort

Well-fitted clothing is comfortable. It allows freedom of movement and reduces hot-spots in tight areas.  Well-made clothing also uses better quality fabrics which is made to breathe against the skin.

Well-fitted clothing can also make you appear healthier even if you’re not in great shape.  Well-cut jackets & trousers can create an artificial masculine silhouette by building up the shoulders and making your chest more pronounced – even when you’re packing 50lbs around the gut.

Poorly-fitted clothing is restrictive & makes you look worse/exaggerates abnormal features you might want to downplay – like that aforementioned gut!


Reason #3 – Environment & Occasion

I’m a custom clothier who owns an information site about style – if I wore a t-shirt and jeans I would create a disconnect with my brand.

Dressing “sharp” does not mean dressing in a suit – it means sending the right signal with your appearance.


Reason #4 – Compliments

During the conference I received about 10 compliments a day – from my pocket square to my boots to the fit of my jacket.  Each and every one of them felt good and reinforced the message I was looking to send.

I spoke with Matthew Kimberly (a well-dressed man and excellent sale coach)  and he had received the same treatment.  People he had met instantly placed him a bit higher in terms of trust & authority.

This is totally irrational behavior – how do looks play into competence?  But we are irrational human beings – so why not use this knowledge to your advantage?

Compliments feel great – and when you receive them you give more of them out.  A quick example – I had a great conversation with the PR manager of Military.com because I complimented her on her shoes to start our conversation.  It was unexpected, she had a great story concerning them, and it enabled her to remember me when we saw each other later and she introduced me to Military.com’s managing editor.


Reason #5 – Confidence

All of this helps to build your confidence.  When others project positive feelings towards you – you can’t help but radiate strength.

Now did I speak at NMX……no, I didn’t.

But I was told over a dozen times I should be speaking there and was often mistaken as a VIP. I even had one man ask if I was a quarterback (he had to have been a bit drunk as I’m only 5’9″ and built like a runner).

My clothing was a suit of armor – and it performed brilliantly.


In summary, the answer is NO because dressing sharp is a part of who I am.

I am not “acting” when I wear a sports jacket, slip on my western boots, or wear a well fitted dress shirt.

I am authentic because I dress for the man I know myself to be.

Believe me – people see this and react positively to it.


Now it’s your turn………

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