How To Wear The Men’s Hidden Button Down Shirt Collar

The hidden button down collar is a covert cousin to the button down collar. Why covert?  Because the hidden button down collar employs hidden button loops under the collar instead of having the buttons go through the collar itself.

On the underside of the collar, you will find a loop to which the button is fastened (see picture below).  The end result is a streamlined button-less profile, but with the security of a buttoned collar.

hidden button under shirt collar

Why choose a hidden button down shirt collar?

The answer is a matter of personal choice. Some men do not like two buttons protruding from their collar, while others like the simplicity and utility balanced with classic collar aesthetics.  If you are frustrated with a collar that does not sit properly and seek a streamline-look, then you should consider a hidden button down collar dress shirt.

By doing so you can be assured that your collar will look crisp at all times without shirt collar stays or a protruding button (see picture below).

White Blue Button Down Collar

What to wear with the hidden button down shirt collar

The hidden button down collar is not a formal-looking collar like the winged collar and should be treated as a normal turn down buttoned collar.  Depending on the shape of your face, wearing a hidden button down collar casually or in a business setting is a sure way of looking sharp simply because it will ensure you have a tight look around the necktie knot.

And because the buttons are hidden from view, all the attention will go to your necktie and thus your face rather than glances being diverted to two little buttons flanking your well-tied necktie.  In a casual setting, the hidden button down can be left undone to give a more disheveled look, although no one will ever see except perhaps the lovely companion you invite to sit a little closer.

dress shirt black collar stripe hidden button

Closing thoughts to the hidden button down shirt collar

The hidden button down collar dress shirt is not as common as its cousin the classic button down collar.  However, the hidden button down collar combines the best of both:  security with simplicity.  The hidden button down collar stays put, -even under hurricane level winds:) – and retain a smooth, button-less look.

The hidden button down collar dress shirt is a great collar, that although hard to find on off the rack clothing (although a seamstress can add this if she is medium level skilled), can add practicality and style to any man’s wardrobe.