Men and the V Neck Sweater

Men-and-the-V-Neck-SweaterMen’s V Neck Sweaters

The v-neck sweater is a very useful article of clothing. It’s very dynamic, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and it’s a stylish alternative to standard collared-shirts or crew neck sweaters.

One of the best attributes of the v neck is that it can be worn for a variety of occasions and venues. It was be worn casually and somewhat formally, whether you’re just hanging with friends for the day or if you’re going to a dinner with business partners or clients.

Here, we’ll take men’s v neck sweaters an in-depth look at the v neck sweater. We’ll look at the different kinds of fabrics, the different patterns, how to wear one, and most importantly, why you should wear one.

Men’s V Neck Sweater Fit

The great thing about sweaters – v necks in particular – is not just how they look, but how they feel. Sweaters are really comfortable when they fit well. When you’re buying a sweater, keep in mind that the sweater will shrink, so make sure it’s not tight when you’re trying it on in the store.

You don’t want the sweater to hug your body like a skin-tight Under Armour shirt, but at the same time, it shouldn’t hang off creating a baggy look. It should lightly hug your body and arms. The elastic bands at the wrists and bottom should hug your body but not squeeze it; they should adjust to the natural contours of your body. The bands at the wrist should also be tight enough so you can push the sleeves up your arm and stay in place, not slide down.

V Neck Argyle Men's SweaterMen’s V Neck Sweater Fabrics

If you’re wearing a sweater, chances are it’s probably somewhat cold outside, so with that in mind, it’ll be in your best interest to have a wool fabric sweater, as it will be the warmest. Cashmere is the most luxorious kind of wool, but it is unfortunately also the most expensive. Merino wool is not as nice as cashmere, but it’s a very good alternative and not as expensive.

Wool is great for the cold, but winter isn’t the only time that sweaters are acceptable. You can still pull off the look in the spring or even summer, but a cotton fabric sweater will be your best bet in the warmer weather.

Men’s V Neck Sweater Patterns

Plain V Neck Sweaters

Plain v-neck  mens sweater

Plain v-neck sweater

V neck sweaters look great with or without patterns. A plain v neck in black, brown, gray, or navy blue look extremely sharp and can be worn with nearly anything.

You’ll be able to figure out what colors look best depending on the season and your complexion. For colder seasons (fall and winter) you’ll want to stick with darker colors or earth tones.

Black, navy blue, brown, and darker shades of green will look great during the colder months. If you’re wearing a sweater in a warmer climate you might want to go with brighter colors.

Argyle v-neck sweater

Argyle mens sweaterWearing argyle is a good way to add more color to an ensemble, and it offers a sporty alternative to wearing a plain sweater.

Argyle is a bit more casual but it too can be worn with nearly anything if the colors are coordinated correctly. Making sure that color coordination is spot on is important, especially with argyle patterned sweaters.

Argyle can get loud if you’re not careful, so sticking with solid colors that are compatible is very important. If you wear colors that are compatible with the season and your complexion, you should be fine.

Cable Knit V Neck Sweaters

Cable knit sweaters are produced displaying vertical patterns of crossing cables. These tend to be thicker, and are usually worn in colder climates. This style gained wide popularity as a ski sweater, and thus are mainly worn during the winter time.

A Man's Guide To Style

How To Wear A V Neck Sweater

As stated before, one of the great things about v neck sweaters is how dynamic they are. They can be worn in a variety of ways. Some of the best ways to wear a v neck are:

V neck  mens sweater

Photo courtesy of ‘Off the Cuff’ Blog

1) With a Dress Shirt

Wearing a v neck sweater with a dress shirt underneath is the easiest way to wear a v neck formally as it will add an extra touch of class to your look.

The important thing when wearing a dress shirt under is make sure the shirt and sweater go well together, and that the color coordination works.

When wearing a dress shirt with a solid colored sweater, you’re best best is to go with either a white or light blue dress shirt, as seen here.

You can also wear a tie under the sweater, but it isn’t necessary. Also, remember that the collar always looks better when it’s inside the sweater neck instead of letting the collar outside.

2) With a Plain White Undershirt

Wearing a v neck with a white undershirt is a great way to pull off an impressive casual look. You can wear this combination with jeans or khaki’s and it can be worn almost anywhere. You don’t want to wear any other color undershirt besides white, and you can wear nearly any patterned v neck over the white tee.

V neck mens sweater

3) With a Suit or Sport Jacket

This is likely the most formal option, and it’s a great alternative to wearing a classic men’s suit or just a shirt and tie. Wearing a sweater with a custom men’s suit will allow you to properly coordinate colors and add more life to your ensemble.

It’s probably best to wear a solid-colored sweater when doing this. Also, the good thing about wearing a v neck sweater with a suit, as opposed to a crew neck sweater, is that you have a good opportunity to show off the knot of your tie.

A v neck can also be worn with a properly fitted sport jacket, which will be more casual than a suit but still display a great amount of class to your outfit.

Again, a solid-colored sweater is probably best in this case, especially if the jacket has some sort of pattern on it, and making sure that the colors don’t clash is essential. Conservative patterns and colors work best here, especially because it’s somewhat of a formal ensemble.

Conclusion – Why You Should Wear a V Neck Sweater

mens V neck sweaterPurchasing a few v neck sweaters will add a lot of color and flexibility to your wardrobe. It will give you some great options when it comes to dressing casually or dressing somewhat formally. Also, it’s a great way to look good when you’re dressing in a cold climate. Overall, the v neck sweater will enhance your look a great deal, and be a good alternative to many classic outfits.