The Basics of Dress Shirt Collars for Men

Black Herringbone Front Top CollarAn introduction to men’s dress shirt collars through the straight point collar.

Why is the straight point collar the most seen dress shirt collar on men today? Its longevity is owed to its versatility, able to frame many face types. This article introduces men to the world of dress shirt collars and discusses some specifics about the straight point collar.

A Man’s Dress Shirt Collar

Of all the parts of a man’s dress shirt, the collar will go the furthest in drawing attention to a man’s face and making it look the way he wants (or, if wearing a collar which does not complement his face type, making it look the way he does not want).

To put it another way: a three-hundred dollar dress shirt made from the finest cotton and tailored to a man’s body will look horrible on him if the dress shirt’s collar does not properly frame his face. The straight point collar, because it rides the middle of the road, can be worn by the most men.

Mens Double Shirt CollarThe Distance Between Collar Points

Collar spread means how far apart the collar’s points (tips) are from each other. The straight point collar has a real rival for versatility in the medium spread collar because its spread is a little wider and also accommodates many faces.

The straight point collar remains at the top because of its popularity today – it is the most manufactured of ready-made men’s dress shirts. Notice that the distance between the collar points is not wide nor narrow, it is right in between.

Collar Point Length

The next component to consider is the length of the collar’s points. This length varies greatly with different dress shirt collar types, so a foundational definition is necessary for this type of collar. After mastering this standard, a man will be ready to learn which collar works best for his face.

The straight point collar’s collar point length should be about two and three-quarter inches. Combine this length with a spread that complements many faces, and you have the standard straight point collar, a shirt collar for a great deal of men. If then a man wears a custom suit on top of the properly fitted collar, he will far outdo most men in suits today.

mens white shirt collar

The First of Many Dress Shirt Collars

As the most popular dress shirt collar, the straight point collar will be around for decades to come, crowning well many men’s dress shirts. It is, however, one of many types of shirt collars, and other options should be investigated by a man wanting to be well-dressed.

A man should know which type of collar will make his face and head look their best. With the right dress shirt collar, a man will show class and a real sense of personal style.