Medium Spread Collars and the Right Face

This collar is seen a good deal today though not noticed, and here’s why

Men with a triangular face need to wear dress shirts with a medium spread collar. This article talks about the face shape, offers examples of well-known actors with such a face, and tells you about the men’s dress shirt collar which will bring out the best in this face.

The Triangular Face – A Delicate Balance

In discussing shirt collars, face types are fairly simple to classify. Is the face round or long? Is it wide or narrow? Is the jaw sharp or shallow? However, there is one type, the triangular face, which has an attractive combination of angles and sizes that is not so simple to put a collar under. Is it the spread collar?

The typically wide face would be suspended above the body by a spread collar; the horizontal line would stop the eye before it continued downward. Is it the narrow point collar? The jaw lines would shoot down the narrow point collar’s lines too quickly, also not framing the face well. The answer is the medium spread collar.

Ryan Gosling Johnny Depp  Gabriel Byrne Daniel Radcliffe

Four actors with triangular faces: Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp, Gabriel Byrne, and Daniel Radcliffe

Qualities of a Triangular Face

As can be seen above, several handsome Hollywood men have triangular faces. Though here there are four different triangular faces, they share three qualities:

  1. Medium to wide breadth of the face
  2. Medium height of the face
  3. Defined jaw line with medium to sharp angles

Ryan Gosling and Gabriel Byrne’s jaws are more sharply angled than Johnny Depp or Daniel Radcliffe’s, but you can still see how it is the same basic face shape. The same goes for the narrowness of face shared by Gosling and Byrne against Depp and Radcliffe’s wider faces.

Medium Spread Collars are Right for this Face

Because neither spread nor narrow collars work well beneath a triangular face, this man needs a special collar that will make observers want to keep looking at him. The medium spread collar is ideal. While some triangularly-faced men could get away with a standard straight point collar, most should wear a medium spread.

It works the best because the angles of the collar points mirror the angles of the face above, balancing collar and face. With harmony here, the eye continues fluently down and back up to the face without ever noticing anything special about the collar. This is why the medium spread collar is remarkable while hardly remarked: beneath the right face, the collar doesn’t stand out at all, it guides your gaze perfectly.

spread collar A spread collar – far too wide for a triangular face.
 medium spread collar A medium spread collar – perfect for a triangular face.
 Standard Straight Point Collar A standard straight point collar – possible for some triangular faces.
 Narrow Point Collar A narrow point collar – far too narrow for a triangular face.

The Collar is not Hard to Find

A medium spread collar is not likely to be found everywhere menswear is sold, but it is out there. It might need to be custom made, and the person making your custom suit probably also makes a custom shirts, or they can tell you about someone who can. For the stylish man with a triangular face, the best look his dress shirt can give him starts with a medium spread collar.