Jeans for Older Men – Denim for the Professional Man over 30

When jeans were simply work wear they had no age limit.  They worked well on a 25 year old man – they worked well on a 65 year old man.

Over the last 60 years however, jeans have undergone quite a change.

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Worn by bikers in the fifties, hippies in the seventies, and grunge rockers in the nineties – jeans have morphed into a fashion statement.  With that their simplicity has disappeared – there are now dozens of washes and colors, hundreds of brands, and thousands of fits.  They’ve become a style minefield, another clothing item with unspoken rules that leave many men confused.

And with denim ranging in price from easily over $100 a pair to sometimes as high as $500, the cost of buying a bad pair that you never wear or fall apart prematurely has gone up considerably.

To further confuse matters, the more dollars you spend does not  is not ensure you’re getting better quality.  For some men a $40 pair of Levis will suit their needs perfectly fine – there are going to be others however better served by the high rise of Zegna denim priced at $200.  How do you make a decision?

In this interview I discuss denim with Casey Golden, aka The Butt Therapist.  We discuss how the 30 to 50+ professional man should go about selecting his jeans.

We discuss the perfect brands of denim for men over 30 and for men beyond 50.  You’ll hear us discuss how rise, style, color, fit, and wash all play into which pair will best suit you.

And FYI, Casey is about the most qualified woman on the planet to dispense this advice.  She has helped thousands of men find the perfect pair of jeans through her works as a denim stylist.   On a daily basis she helps men select the jeans that look good on their body and she routinely gives men the tips to achieve the look they want.

And as a special bonus,  Casey threw together a denim article specifically for you – click here to read it!

AG mens denim

Brands we discuss in this Podcast

Higher Price Point Denim – Expect to pay 200 dollars

Adriano Goldschmied  buy on Amazon

Agave Denim  buy on Amazon

7 For All Mankind  buy on Amazon

Zegna Denim

zegna mens denim

Lower Price Point Denim – Can be found well under $100 on sale

Levis  buy on Amazon

Mavi Jeans  buy on Amazon

Lucky Jeans  buy onAmazon