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Why Luxury Hangers – The Story Behind Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project

kirby-allison-hanger-projectWhen I think of luxury I think of:

Rare sports cars……

An island resort with private beach…….

Intricate watches that can function for years without losing their timing…….

Finely crafted wooden clothing hangers……wait a minute?

Luxury Hangers?

No, I have to admit clothing hangers aren’t the first thing that come to my mind.

But after speaking with Kirby I can see how his luxury wood hangers with 2.5 inch shoulder flares and solid maple wood construction qualify not only as a luxury item – but as a must have if you own an expensive suit or sport jacket that you want to last.

I mean think about it – you spend thousands of dollars on your jackets and then you hang them on a storage device that damages the shoulders?

That makes no sense………

……..and that’s where Kirby’s story begins.

Click the video below to hear the story behind The Hanger Project!

I also want to announce that you’ll be seeing a lot more of Kirby’s company in the next year. He’s our newest premium sponsor!

And FYI the Hanger Project is a lot more than just hangers – Kirby and his team have curated some really cool products to include:

hanger-project-websiteLuxury Italian Socks

Scotch & Cigar Accessories

Wet Shaving Gear

Men’s Umbrellas

Handmade Neckties

Amazing Cufflinks

Trouser Presses

Specialty Pressure Irons

Jacket & General Clothing Brushes

And a lot more!


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