How To EFFECTIVELY Buy Clothing Online

Just over a decade ago most of us had never bought clothing online.

man-buying-onlineToday – much of the world does a fair amount of their shopping via the web. In fact, I estimate that I buy the majority of all my needs online (not counting groceries… yet).

However – despite all these advances with online shopping – buying clothing via the web is still tricky for most men. 

The hundreds I’ve spoken with speak of frustrations such as:

“Everything I buy online is the wrong size”

“It looks nothing like what I thought it would”

“When I tried to return it, I was charged a shipping fee to send it back AND I was hit with the original shipping fee as well.  I’m out $20 and lost 2 weeks of time.”

The reality is buying clothing online is not as simple as ordering most other products. Retailers rarely give all the information you need to make a smart decision, and expect most of us will settle for something that is “close” or worse know many of us are too lazy to return an item if the company has created a few “barriers”.

Well I don’t want you to have to settle – instead I want you to learn the tricks I use to shop effectively online for menswear.

In this video I give you 9 shopping tips I use when buying men’s clothing online.

The 9 tips are:

  1. Know What You Are You Are Looking For
  2. Budget
  3. Identify Quality
  4. Focusing On Fit
  5. Comparing Price
  6. The Return Policy
  7. Shipping Costs
  8. Sales & Discount Codes
  9. Buyer Protection

I go into each of these in more detail within the video. And for the men in my The Style System – I go into a LOT more detail as one bad clothing purchase can easily cost you over one thousand dollars. Follow these steps and you will significantly reduce the risk of getting ripped off.

  • MacZulu

    Hey Antonio
    I shop online alot as well, and I follow your basic steps too. I allways prefer to use paypal, as a customer their service is an excellent buffer for issues with vendors.
    a tip I would add, is that before shopping at a site for the first time check what kind of reviews they are getting online. I look for common themes and complaints about a site, check for bbb status, ratings and try get a feel about the common consensus of a online vendor.
    my biggest problem for fit is ordering italian brands made and sold in italy. by fit I should be a snug 42, or a looser 44. in italian suit size that is 52  or 54. but one designers 44 in a blazer is too snug and another designers outer jacke at 44 is almost perfect. so it’s a little hit and miss between brands.
    even with this frustration I have found the italian fit is much nicer than north american over sized sizes. the italian dress shirts fit me like they were tailored for me (17 1/2 neck or size 44) and the quality is excellent.
    anyways thanks Antonio appreciate your tips and insights.