How To Buy Cufflinks

Types Of Men’s Cufflinks 

To wear cufflinks, you actually have to have a cuff that can take them. So the most common one we’re going to see is the French cuff or the double cuff. It’s called that because literally it doubles over.


Traditionally, this is seen on more formal shirts. You won’t find this on casual shirts and if you do, it’s something that’s probably custom-made and it’s breaking a style rule which I guess if the man knows what he’s doing, more power to him.

Cufflinks come in various levels of formality. Let’s start with the least formal to the most formal in terms of cufflink build:

Cufflink #1 – It’s very common and inexpensive. As you can see, they’re in a playful color and this would be something that a lot of guys love especially the young men. It adds a bit of color to this wardrobe, helps him stand out a bit and at the same time, one can purchase quite a few of them.

Cufflink #2 – This cufflink is the one that you’ll probably see most often and you’ve got a semi piece. This right here is Pewter, but we could have silver and gold. I’ve even seen this with Stormtrooper Head’s Legos.

It runs the gamut but the thing is it’s actually two separate pieces, so we have the hinge part that moves and that has been attached to the piece of jewelry. Most cufflinks you see out there are going to be this style.

Left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4

Left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4

Cufflink #3 – This style is technically more formal and that’s because it has no moving parts and usually made from a precious metal. This one’s made from silver and its whole design is to be able to go through the hole and hold it on both ends without having any moving parts.

And by the way, this isn’t a rigid system. Oftentimes, you’ll see a cufflink and hear that it’s more formal because of what it’s made of.  Usually, if a cufflink is built to this standard, you’re going to see it’s very high quality.

Cufflink #4 – This one’s unique. This actually I had it made by a craftsman. It’s got a very unique design. You would even argue perhaps that this one isn’t as formal as cufflink #3, but I put it here because this basically can become an heirloom since it’s a one of a kind piece.

There you have it. The four levels broken up for you. Hopefully that gives you a better overview of cufflinks.

There are other styles and other types and you will notice almost everything I had there was silver. That’s my personal preference. I’m really not a gold kind of guy. Even my wedding ring is silver but you can bring in other colors.

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