Interview With Guayabera Master Builder Rafael Contreras


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I have to admit – up till a few years ago I knew little about guayaberas.

What I thought I “did know” is that the style was reserved for men of Latin American decent.

Boy was I wrong.

In this interview I speak with Rafael Contreras Jr., a second generation guayabera maker who carries on the tradition taught to him by his father in Miami, Florida.  He has an interesting history you can read here.

In this interview we discuss what is a guayabera, how they can be worn and for what occasions, what to look for when buying a guayabera, and Raphael dispels the myth that guayaberas are only for men of Cuban or Mexican heritage.

LISTEN to the interview by clicking on the play button above!

FYI – I wrote a detailed guayabera article based off this interview and other bits of research that is featured at the Art of Manliness.

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