Groom Style Guide – A Man’s Guide To Dressing Sharp On His Wedding Day

Groom-Style-Guide-400Did you know the average couple spends almost $30,000 on their wedding?



Now I’m fortunate – I spent barely a fraction of that.

But it’s hard to keep things affordable, especially when you’re not the only one steering the ship.


The point is people spend a lot of money on their weddings.

And now I can’t help you save money on her wedding dress/the food/photographer…………

However I can help you save money and frustration when it comes to your clothing and the responsibilities of the groom.



Let me introduce you to my new course, The Groom Style Guide:



Every year I help hundreds of men dress sharp on ANY budget.

BonusesExample – One of my favorite testimonials is how a gentlemen over in Sevastopol, Ukraine used my style guide to work with a local seamstress.

The result – a well fitted custom suit for less than $500.

You see information that you can take action on is powerful – and in the case of a wedding it can help you feel more confident, dress sharper, save money, and eliminate much of the headache!


And without the right information?  What happens if you “wing it”?

Most likely you’ll:

  • Overspend on clothing
  • Stress out over unimportant details
  • Wear clothing that doesn’t stand the test of time…… I need to go on?

In all the damage can be thousands of dollars wasted and the groom getting frustrated with the woman he’s stuck with – I mean marrying :)


The Solution?

Well – I just created the perfect crash-course for any man getting married.

Click Here to learn more about The Groom Style Guide:


And did you see the bonuses I’m offering?

  • 101 Perfect Wedding Songs
  • Honeymoon Planning & Budgeting
  • Tuxedo Rental Guide
  • Bachelor Party Planning
  • How-To-Buy Guides
  • and more……..

Yea – this course covers a lot more than just clothing – it’s the definitive guide to having a great wedding experience.