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So I was in a store the other day and saw a man with his 7 year old son.

Looking at them together, I couldn’t help but notice how the young father – who was wearing an over-sized t-shirt, jeans, backwards ball-cap, and running shoes – looked just like his son who was also wearing a t-shirt, jeans, ball-cap, and running shoes.

Both looked like they were headed to an Eminem concert.

And both were sending a visual message.

But was it the message a father – or any young man looking to achieve success – should be sending?


Why does this matter?

Based off my experience and research a professional appearance is tightly connected to how a man perceives himself and acts.

Dress like a child – act like a child.

Which is fine for children – but grown men?

Our society needs more inspiring leaders, positive examples, and strong masculine men who are tolerant, kind, and honorable.



Final-DLAMWith that in mind – I wrote a book that encapsulates my best writings with the goal to inspire fathers, sons, brothers…..really any man who is ready – to start dressing and acting like the man he knows himself to be.

One book – almost 300 pages in length with dozens of images – that any man could read through and come away with a basic understanding of style.


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Dress Like A Man



For the cost of breakfast you can have the knowledge to transform the way the world sees you or pass it on to a man who needs the inspiration.

And don’t let the price fool you – this book is huge.

I priced it low so that no man will have an excuse for not at least trying to learn about the power of an improved personal appearance.


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Dress Like A Man


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