Dress Casual – Dress Sharp – 4 Style Tips

Dressing casually does not mean dressing like a slob.

Yet that’s what many of us do, every single evening and weekend

Even men who wear suits on a daily basis find that their weekend/evening clothing is severely lacking.  T-shirt and jeans is the de-facto uniform of the off duty man – and if we’re really casual, we find a way to wear our old sweat shirts and sweatpants with no intention of breaking a sweat.

paul newman casually dressed man

Corduroy Jacket + Collared Shirt + Aviators = Casual Classic Cool

Now dressing this casually isn’t a bad thing when we’re watching TV on a Saturday morning or working on the house.

But to wear clothing this casual to your daughters recital?  Or to meet your wife’s coworkers at a weekend picnic?  Or what about a Sunday trip to the movie theater?

The fact is there is a lot of confusion as to how to dress casually yet professionally. Hopefully this video on stepping up your casual style helps!

Here I argue you need to step up your casual clothing – a man often represents his family and he always represent himself, and he should dress accordingly.

Although you may not be the center of attention, you are forming impressions.  You can’t control everything; you can however ensure your personal presentation is solid and sends a positive message.

casual dressed man

Why?  Because you never know where a relationship may go.  That other parent you start a conversation with might be your next client; that “coworker” you jest with at the serving table just might be the owner of your wife’s company.

In seconds people decide if they like you or not – and nothing has as powerful an effect on a light association as the way you present yourself.

Dress right – and set yourself up for success.  Dress like a buffoon, and well, you might have been better not showing up at all.

mens casual jacket and trousers


Here are four tips to dressing sharp when dressing casual – 3 are very general and the last is a bit more specific but one of the easiest and quickest ways to elevate your game.

  1. Pay attention to the fit of your clothing.
  2. Ensure the clothing you wear is made of good fabric and constructed properly.
  3. Aim for styles that are classic and that compliment your body type.
  4. Wear quality footwear – leave the sandals for the beach and running shoes for running.


Simple – yes

Something most of us do consistently – no

Take the steps necessary to elevate your casual style – the reward is worth it.


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Dress Casual Dress Sharp 4 Style Tips
Hi I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real Men Real Style. And we’ve got a question we’re going to be answering today. Basically it’s about how do you dress professionally but still dressed casually. So the question goes, “I rarely wears a tie, it’s not the uniform of my profession, high tech enterprise system software development. Even at the executive level. But we do wear them occasionally. What I’m really interested in is learning how to dress well for both casual weekend and especially how to just, just appear a step above business casual really. I think I read or I read that you’re from Austin, Texas. And so you’re familiar with the step down casual culture there where people are still judged how they, by how they look but it’s much more casual. Over the years I’ve fallen to the trap of dressing like the rest of the poorly dressed crowd. You’ve inspired me to change all that.” Well, thank you very much. “and I’m learning a lot from your website, writing and videos. Thank you.”
Well, thank you. I really appreciate it guys when you send me kind notes like that I mean we actually put a lot of work in the all of this. And it means a lot to me. Well, let me get to the question. So, how do you dress professionally but still dressed casually? Well, look at me right here. So I got a jacket on, I’ve got a dressier. No tie, I have to admit I’m not really much of a tie guy. Even though I’m a custom clothier by trade and when I’m not having to wear one, I don’t wear one.
I think if you want to step up your business casual or your casual dress and when you go back to the three pillars of men’s style. And in case you haven’t heard me says it before. Fit, fabric and style. And each of those, I mean I could write an entire, and I have probably written an entire article on each of them. So let’s talk about fit. So go through and immediately look at your clothing and if you’re wearing anything that doesn’t fit you take it and put it to the side. And ask yourself, can this be adjusted to fit me better? And if it can’t, you need to get rid of it. And you need to buy clothing that fits your body for how it is.
Often times I get men that coming and they’re like “oh well, I’m going to lose you know 30 pounds here on the next three months.” Well until you wear, until you lose that 30 pounds if you ever lose that 30 pounds, you have to have something to wear today because you can’t be walking around naked for three months. So, I guess you could but you’re going to get arrested or unless you live in a nudist colony. But what I’m getting at is dress for how your body is now. And if you’re bigger, if you’re thin, there is a right way to dress for your body type. And I talked about this elsewhere but just make sure your clothing fits. Take it to a tailor, it’s one of the least expensive things you can do to really up your style.
The next F is fabric. Okay, when I mean by fabric I don’t mean like finding some special fabric which is going to solve all your problems. I mean pay attention to fabric. Go for quality items. There’s a difference between an Old Navy, Polo shirt. And a Polo shirt that’s coming at of a luxury department store which is made from a very firm like a super Pema or an Egyptian cotton that’s just feels beautiful to the touch, is actually made to fit your body type better, isn’t going to you know, isn’t made to fit a square body type if you – well, if you have a square body type then that’s the kind of clothing you want.
What I’m getting at is pay attention to the different types of fabrics and how some fabrics, smoother fabrics solids. Those are pure, more formal. And that’s what you want if you want to step up your game. Avoid the clothing that well, it looks like it’s made for a teenager. It looks like it’s made for a man and his – well, not even early twenties in my opinion. Start dressing and finding fabrics which look better on you because black fabric is not the same. I mean there’s cotton, there’s tropical wools, there’s gaberdines. Go out there and learn about the different fabrics and then find something, maybe pay a little bit extra. But every time you wear those you know grey flannel trousers, they look great because a lot of the times if it’s a casual environment, whenever wearing jeans. Well why not step that up maybe go with Rod denim. Yes it’s going to cost more but it looks a lot, it looks a lot I think dressier than a lot of wash or worn denim.
If you want to really step that up and everyone is going to be wearing you know, khakis or Levi’s or Dockers, how about look at some grey flannel trousers. And they’re different that dress trousers because these actually have a little bit of a – of a texture to the fabric. So pay attention to fabric.
Last thing, Fit – Fabric – Style. So look at the style of the item and perhaps, if you’re always wearing really you know the same – if you find that you’re wearing the same dress shirt again and again and I’m talking to start where you got the pocket on here, where you got the point collar,
I mean there’s nothing exciting about it. Perhaps look at a higher end designer dressier. Something may buy a let me think, a Zegna, or something Brioni or one of those, the Italians they’re always good to look to when it comes to good quality and kind of cutting edge style.
You don’t want to go with something that’s really fashionable that you’re not going to be able to wear next year. But something that is classic but little details about it make it stand out. The style, maybe it’s got a little bit spread collar or it’s got a collar with a little bit of a contrast collar on the inside. Or maybe the style, maybe the buttons are unique. There are a little bit heavier buttons, mother of pearl coming out of maybe Australia that are a bit thicker. Little things like that are going to set you apart.
So how do you still be casual and set yourself apart and go to the next level, it’s not the – it’s not the big things. It’s paying attention to the small details because you add up those small details and they make a big difference. I forgot to mention but pay attention to your shoes. I’ve written about shoes, there are books on shoes. Men need to invest in some good quality footwear. I mean look at some Italian Markinson’s, some tassel loafers. Something like that is really going to up your game. It may look a lot better I mean you see everyone pushing out Converse and things like that. That’s okay if you’re in your early twenties but if you’re a man in his early 30’s, late 20’s, early 40’s, 50’s, a pair of Italian Markinson’s saddle shoes, those are really going to set you apart and believe it or not it’s almost as important if not, I mean you stand on those. That’s your foundation so pay attention to your footwear. Maybe I should have said that’s the fourth thing because I’ve talked about it for a while.
Any case, hope that helps you, set yourself apart in a casual atmosphere. And now if you would like more information, if you have enjoyed this make sure to subscribe up above we’re constantly putting out new videos in addition over Real Man Real Style. You can join my email list, and on my email list I put out exclusive contents which I don’t even put out here at Real Men Real Style or any of my other websites. An only on my email list where you get a lot of the tips and tactics and stuff that we don’t mention elsewhere. So make sure to join that email list, it’s pretty exclusive and become a member or I’m sorry, subscribe here on Youtube. Thank you, bye.
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