Color & Men’s Clothing – Video Presentation

Man in brown sports coat and navy blue sweater vest, pocket square and tieOne of the most commonly asked questions I receive is how can a man better use color in his wardrobe.

The emails are presented to me in different forms…..

  • Help – I can’t match my clothes, can you help me Antonio.
  • Antonio, my wife doesn’t let me out of the house without a color check – can you fix this?
  • Can I wear brown shoes with a navy suit?
  • Antonio, how can I add more color to my boring closet.


Why is color so difficult for men to understand?

And more importantly –

How can color matching be made easier?

In this video I present to you an introduction to color and how it relates to men’s clothing.

Please note – as I mention in the color video this is an INTRODUCTION.

Those of you with a design or artistic background already know that color is a discipline in itself and entire college level courses are built around explaining its nuances.

The purpose of this video is to create a hunger for you to seek more knowledge on the subject  In fact – I even offer those signed up for my Style System early-bird list a free copy of the 41 page ebook “A Man’s Guide To Color”

So how to master color?

The answer is knowledge and practice.

Any man who reads my book (or even my other color on this website) and PRACTICES introducing small bits of color into his wardrobe will make HUGE strides within a few months.   Step by step you’ll start to use bolder patterns and brighter shades – and a year later you’ll see a picture of how you used to dress and wonder – who is that drab fellow.  :)

Don’t want to wait a year or are you still clueless?  Well, that’s why I created The Style System.  To walk you through this step-by-step process in 7 weeks.  Check it out here.