How to Change Your Personal Style

Change is hard.

I know.

I try to change things in my life constantly – and more than half the time I fail.

However I keep trying.

Day by day – week by week – month by month – I make progress.

Two steps forward, one step back…… little by little I’ve made big improvements in my life and have refined the way I present myself to the world.

how to change your style

This video is about the psychology of change – specifically applied to improving your style.  I first taped this for the men in my style boot camp – but then I realized this was too important not to share with everyone.  So that’s why it’s here.

You see Style Bloggers show you what to do all the time – but we never talk about the mindset and systems that are necessary to make this change in our life.  So based of my readings of the great books Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success and Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is HardI created this video about systems I use to make change easier.

FYI – my batting percentage on change has gone up but I still fall here and there.  But you just have to keep getting back up!