Break Stereotypes By Dressing Sharp

Achievable Ventures Brett

This is a guest post by Brett Glirbas - he is the founder of Achievable Ventures, a grant writing company that can help find money for your next project.   Everyone understands the importance of dressing up for a job interview. But did you know dressing well can help break … [Read more...]

Bodybuilders and Men’s Suits – An Extreme Athletic Fit


Dressing men by body type is mostly a matter of details and patterning with some specific style advice for each builds.  A suit jacket is going to produce the same basic look on most men, though it will be more flattering on some and not others. But there are a few bodies that are simply outliers -- figures … [Read more...]

Jeans for Older Men – Denim for the Professional Man over 30


When jeans were simply work wear they had no age limit.  They worked well on a 25 year old man - they worked well on a 65 year old man. Over the last 60 years however, jeans have undergone quite a change. Worn by bikers in the fifties, hippies in the seventies, and grunge rockers in the nineties - … [Read more...]

Trousers for Short, Skinny, or Small Men


Economy of scale runs the modern stockroom: if you're far enough outside the averages it's no longer worth selling clothes that fit you. Smaller men -- both the short and the skinny -- often have no choices at all in department stores. When they do have a choice it's often a bad one. Learn to recognize the … [Read more...]

Clothing for the Tall & Thin Man – Menswear Tips For Men Taller than 6 Foot


Once you get to a certain height, it's hard to avoid looking lanky no matter what you do. Even a professional basketball player looks pretty twiggy in a group of shorter, stockier men, and it's not because he's short on muscles. Men who are both tall and thin face a double challenge:  they have to avoid … [Read more...]

Dress Shirt Tips for Short, Skinny and Small Men


I was recently asked about the rules short men should follow when wearing a dress shirt. And although I'm not a big believer in rigid "Rules" - I do think there are guidelines every man south of five foot seven should evaluate when wearing a button-up shirt. Here are a half dozen dressing taller tips I … [Read more...]

5 Suit Buying Tips for Short, Skinny, and Small Men

Short man suit tips

Every body type has it's challenges. Short, thin, and petite men however have the challenge in that they have less room for error as their proportions have to be balanced just right. Tailoring and fitting to the 1/2 inch matters - and pattern, silhouette, and cut are all critical to avoid looking like … [Read more...]

A Man’s Guide to Wearing Eyeglasses


The Vision Council of America estimates that about 75% of the country uses some form of vision correction. That means more men than not have at least faced the possibility of wearing glasses -- and that's not counting people who've considered "vanity" frames with non-corrective lenses. This … [Read more...]

How To Dress Up According To Your Body Type And Personal Style

Gordon Gekko:  NOT a fashion role model.

Right up front -- if you're buying clothes that you plan to fit into after sticking to your diet/workout for a few months, you're probably never going to wear them. There's nothing wrong with planning on changing your body size or shape, but it's not a guideline for your wardrobe.  A man's got to work with … [Read more...]


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