10 Style Rules To Live By – Ten Timeless Fashion Guidelines For Men

Good Fit vs Bad

People often ask me what MY personal style rules are. This is hard - as what they are really asking is: Antonio - can you tell me exactly what to do so I don't have to think about it.   Unfortunately it's not that easy. Situation, environments, culture......all this goes into our personal … [Read more...]

How to Change Your Personal Style

how to change your style

Change is hard. I know. I try to change things in my life constantly - and more than half the time I fail. However I keep trying. Day by day - week by week - month by month - I make progress. Two steps forward, one step back...... little by little I've made big improvements in my life and have … [Read more...]

An Interchangeable Wardrobe

suits in closet

When you build a house you start with a strong foundation. Building a timeless wardrobe is no different. A man needs a foundation of clothing he can reach for when he needs it - clothing that helps him look his best, is right for the occasion he'll be attending, and is timeless in style. The goal of … [Read more...]

The Difference a Jacket Makes


Imagine a product that will adds inches to your perceived height, shaves 20 lbs of your midsection, and makes you appear more muscular.  And the magic item can do all this instantly! Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, it's not. A well fitting suit jacket, sport jacket, or blazer can do just this … [Read more...]

4 Components of Individual Style

4 Components Individual Style

"Style is the Perfection of a point of View" - Richard Eberhart Many men go through life never developing a point of view; they dress as if it were a chore, instead of a way to non-verbally communicate and influence those around them.  I want to change this. I believe people would care more about their … [Read more...]

Why Give a Damn About Appearance

alain delon

You can talk all you want about fashion, but most men still won't give a damn. That's partly because there's a lot of silly, useless information out there that confuses and as a society we've tried to push the mantra - it matters how you perform, not how you look. And yes, in a perfect world that would … [Read more...]


A Man's Guide To Style