3 Short Man Style Tips – Real World Examples From Peter Li


This article is made possible by Blue Claw Co - high quality American-Made luggage.  And FYI, I use their luggage all the time and love my Worton Weekender & Gooseneck Garment Bag !   This is an interview I did with Pete Li of Crossfit Lazarus. I met Pete at InfusionCon this last March.  He was … [Read more...]

Men’s Cardigan Sweaters – A Man’s Guide To The Cardigan Sweater

daniel craig cardigan sweater

Don't let anyone tell you that cardigans aren't manly. The open-fronted sweaters were named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, a prominent British military figure who popularized the style. Cardigans have become a uni-sex garment, which has sadly led many men to move away from the cardigan as a masculine … [Read more...]

Essential Classic Luggage – The Garment Hanger Bag

garment bag full height

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Blue Claw Co. I proudly use and have tested their made in the USA products and am excited to feature them on my site. If you're in the market for classic luggage that will last you decades - check out their line of bags. - Antonio   I was first introduced … [Read more...]

The Language Of Cologne – Understanding Fragrance Terminology


When I first started learning about fragrance, the hardest part for me was simply understanding the language. Like any specialized field - the perfume industry has a vocabulary that gives the men and women who discuss it a common language to build their discussions from. Very useful when describing a … [Read more...]

Color & Men’s Clothing – Video Presentation


One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is how can a man better use color in his wardrobe. The emails are presented to me in different forms..... Help - I can't match my clothes, can you help me Antonio. Antonio, my wife doesn't let me out of the house without a color check - can you fix … [Read more...]

Men’s Jacket Linings – Should Jackets Be Lined Or Unlined?


A rarely discussed point when buying a suit, sport jacket, or blazer is the issue of the jacket lining. You see - most men don't even realize they have an option. But you do - especially when buying custom or at a higher end menswear store. This leads to the question - which type of jacket is better … [Read more...]

Hot Weather Dressing – Dressing Sharp In The Heat (Part 1)


MEN'S HOT WEATHER DRESSING - YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BEATING THE HEAT Summer is a tough time in classic menswear. Most of our most recognizable styles descended from British military and noble fashions, and the British Isles don't face the same kinds of summer that much of the United States does, to say … [Read more...]

How to Dress for Prom – A Young Man’s Guide To Formal Menswear


Tuxes, rentals, alternatives to black tie, and everything else a young man needs to know for prom.  FYI, I dedicate this article to my friend Justin over at http://www.mytuxedocatalog.com - a family run American business looking to make the black tie-rental business a great experience. This is the time of … [Read more...]

Break Stereotypes By Dressing Sharp

Achievable Ventures Brett

This is a guest post by Brett Glirbas - he is the founder of Achievable Ventures, a grant writing company that can help find money for your next project.   Everyone understands the importance of dressing up for a job interview. But did you know dressing well can help break … [Read more...]


A Man's Guide To Style