Business With Style – Interviews Across The Web Featuring Real Men Real Style’s Antonio Centeno


Who Am I? How did I get started in business? What motivates me? I get these questions a lot - hence I decided to create a single page here at RMRS where I can share with you my best interviews from across the web. These interviews represent my years of experience as an online entrepreneur. Some … [Read more...]

3 Short Man Style Tips – Real World Examples From Peter Li


This article is made possible by Blue Claw Co - high quality American-Made luggage.  And FYI, I use their luggage all the time and love my Worton Weekender & Gooseneck Garment Bag !   This is an interview I did with Pete Li of Crossfit Lazarus. I met Pete at InfusionCon this last March.  He was … [Read more...]

Men’s Cologne – The Power Of Fragrance


Like many men, I didn't see my father much growing up. After my parents divorced, he stayed in California and we moved east to Texas when I was about 5. Interestingly, the earliest and most powerful memories I have of him are not the trips to Disneyland, the summer drives from Midland to Los Angeles, or … [Read more...]

How To Buy A Quality Leather Briefcase

Brown Leather Bag Italian

How does a man buy a leather briefcase? With so many options out there, how can you make a smart purchasing decision. I mean, this isn't like buying a drink.  A good leather briefcase or satchel is going to cost at least $300 and the better quality ones easily break the $500 barrier.  If you're in … [Read more...]

Why Condition Leather Shoes & Boots? – Interview with Leather Honey’s Shawn McGowen


Why condition your leather footwear? Is it really necessary - or a marketing gimmick so we'll spend more money on an overpriced lotion? Unlike polish - where you at least get a shine - conditioning only seems to darken the leather, a result something many of us don't even want! To find the answer - I … [Read more...]

Men’s Thermal Underwear – The Base Layer in Cold Weather Dressing

Polartec How Does It Work

Fall is here - and winter is right around the corner.  As such - it's time to start thinking about layering. Layering is the best way to protect yourself from extreme cold weather.  When done right, it can be the difference between smiling in a snow storm or realizing your weekend has been cut short because … [Read more...]

Facial Skin Problems & Men – Redness – Male Acne – Rosacea

Variation in skin man

Both men and women have skin problems. Women have a multi-billion dollar market built around their issues, with too many options to choose from.  They address problems early - and know what questions to ask their skin care professionals. Men – especially us “manly” men - we ignore skin problems until we … [Read more...]

Skin Care for Men – Audio Interview with Sam Hossa of LePA Skincare

LePa Skincare Austin Texas

Men don't take care of their skin - why is this? Seriously, it's not till we start developing problems that we even give it much consideration. We use harsh HAND soap (designed for tougher skin) on our faces.  We run a razor blade daily across our face cutting a layer of skin off! Hell, I even … [Read more...]

The Effortless Gent – Video Review and Podcast Interview with Barron Cuadro

The Effortless Gent

  I've been following Barron Cuadro over at the Effortless Gent for over a year.   His solid content, unique perspective, and consistent posting led me to believe early on that he was going to be a great style blogger.   Turns out he's more than that.     He's not only a … [Read more...]


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