How To Buy A Quality Father’s Day Gift


All right, guys. Put the singing Big Mouth Billy Bass back on the shelf and walk away slowly. You're doing better than that this year. Father's Day gifts, as recommended by big-box retailers, universally seem to be a waste of money. Seriously - we don't need anymore worthless junk cluttering our … [Read more...]

101 Practical Fathers Day Gift Ideas


I hear it again and again...... Men are hard to shop for. Which is funny - as that most of us guys would disagree. The fact is men are actually very easy to please - we just ask for the best :) Seriously - I find most men want high value gifts.   Things they'll use that are built to last … [Read more...]

Beyond Clothing – Real Men Real Style’s Most Popular Non-Style Videos


So we have a lot of video on YouTube. Last count I'm at about three-hundred and fifty! As a whole - I've been very focused on helping men leverage the power of personal presentation through clothing. By mastering his appearance - I truly believe a man can use image to augment his other assets such as … [Read more...]

Would You Help? Does What We Wear Matter This Much? Wearing A Suit Vs. Homeless Man Appearance Experiment

fallen man experiment

One man is dressed in a suit. The other is dressed like a homeless man. Both fall to the ground - apparently in need of help. What happens next?   Click on the video below to see and feel free to discuss  in the comments at the bottom of this page why you think this … [Read more...]

How A Men’s Dress Shirt Should Fit

Dress Shirt Collar Fit

How should a dress shirt fit? Seems like a simple question - yet look around you. The vast majority of men are wearing dress shirts that are one to two sizes too large.   Why does this matter? Simply put - an ill-fitted dress shirt: Is uncomfortable Makes you look less than … [Read more...]

How A Dress Shirt Should Fit Infographic – Men’s Proper Fitting Dress Shirts


How should a dress shirt fit? I lay it out for you in this easy to understand info-graphic. Enjoy!   OK - so you have a shirt that fits now.  Click here to learn how your suit should fit!   What do you think? Was this useful? Let me know in the comments! … [Read more...]

The Style System Is Closed – Registration Opens September 2nd 2014


The Style System is Closed. I open up registration again in September 2014. This 5-Week College level course is easily the most comprehensive and powerful men's style course anywhere. The Style System is a proven action-focused course I developed from my experience running a custom clothier and building … [Read more...]

Ultimate Guide To The Bow-Tie | Bow Tie Infographic | Bowtie Proportion & Types


I love bowties. Bowties are simple, functional, and when used properly can draw positive attention to the wearer.  A lot of you guys already wear them. How do I know? Dozens of men just like you have emailed me their stories of how bowties get patients to open up to doctors, women smile and talk about … [Read more...]

A Big Thank You!! | New Office Tour | April Update Real Men Real Style

My new friend Logan was the first visitor to my new office and interviewed me for a local story - click on the image to read it!

OK - so first things first. Thank you for all the support. I just moved into my new office - and I have to admit it's pretty darn cool to realize all this is possible because we believed in an idea, worked our butts off, and every time we failed we found a way to bounce back and find a way! Thank you for … [Read more...]


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