Carol Davis Sportswear – Men’s Cold Weather Clothing Review

I have a strong connection with Carol Davis Sportswear.

The fact is the company’s founder, Carol Davis, is one of the reason’s I founded A Tailored Suit.  You see back in 2005 when I was a grad student at UT Austin I did a case study on her business.  It really opened my eyes to the opportunity of online business – and 2 years later I had founded my own web based business.

And even before meeting her in person and studying her business – I had purchased numerous pieces of clothing from her thanks to my military career and love of motorcycles (both required lightweight/low drag cold weather protection).

And so it is with great pleasure that I return the favor to Carol by bringing her great American made thermal underwear and accessories to  your attention.

Carol Davis Sportswear Awesome Thermal Underwear

Below is my main product review video for Carol.  And yes, I am in my underwear!
Men’s Thermal Long Underwear Review – Carol Davis Sportswear Fleece Web Foot Body Sock

Advantages of all Carol Davis Sportswear Products

Thermal Bodywear

#1 – Moisture Wicking – All of her thermals and accessories will wick away large amounts of moisture.  This is key to staying warm when you layer and are active – you want the sweat to be moved away from your body.

#2 Great Fit – Carol Davis’ products are built for large and athletic builds with higher armholes and lower trouser rise. Close fit along torso and connections to extremities – better movement allowed thanks to Power Stretch polartec’s 4 way stretch fabric.

#3 One Piece Build – Protects the midsection and you only have to buy one piece vs two piece sets out here.  I also feel this keeps you warmer as it creates a snug seal around the body.

#4 Extremity protection – wrists and ankle protection comes with certain models of the body sock.  I love this feature – as a motorcyclist this was a key factor in trying the thermal underwear.

#5 Provides medium to extreme protection against cold – adequate for exposure to temperatures ranging from -40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit with proper intermediate and outerlayers.

#6 Multi-direction stretch fabric – can be worn for long-term periods (24 hour plus) without fatigue and fit a wide range of body types snugly.

#7 Bacteria Resistant – can be worn for weeks if you are out hunting or camping.

Overall these thermal body suits can be used in a wide variety of extreme conditions – SCUBA, Ice Fishing, Mountaineering, Hunting in Alaska, living in Wisconsin during the winter.


And don’t just believe me – visit her testimonials page to read tons of reviews from satisfied customers around the world!

Below are product review videos I created for each of the Carol Davis Sportswear Cold Weather Accessories. I’ve owned most of these pieces for 5 years or longer – so I can attest to their quality with confidence!

Neck Warmer Review – Carold Davis Sportswear Neckwarmer – Fleece Cold Weather Protection

Hooded Fleece Mitten Review – Carol Davis Sportswear – Cold Weather Winter Gloves

Thermal Stocking Cap Review – Carol Davis Fleece Skull Cap – Cold Weather Tuque Hats

Cold Weather Thermal Socks – Carol Davis Sportswear Web Foots Fleece Sock Product Review

That’s it – let me know if you have any questions in the comments and stay warm!