How To Buy A Quality Leather Briefcase

How does a man buy a leather briefcase?

man leather briefcase

With so many options out there, how can you make a smart purchasing decision.

I mean, this isn’t like buying a drink.  A good leather briefcase or satchel is going to cost at least $300 and the better quality ones easily break the $500 barrier.  If you’re in the market for a larger bag with special feature – you could be spending close to $1000.

If you make a buying mistake here – it’s going to be an expensive one!

With this in mind I reached out to William Scott Forshaw of Maxwell Scott Italian Leather Bags.  We spent 25 minutes discussing the details a man should look for shopping for a high quality leather briefcase.

You can listen to (or download) the MP3 interview by using the player above.

Brown Leather Bag Italian

So what do we cover in this interview?

First – William walks you through the basics of understanding why a good leather bag costs at least $300 and the advantages of investing in a leather briefcase vs. a fake leather bag.

leather attache black briefcase

We also cover the types of leather bags, and which styles and color are more formal and which leather bags are made more for the casual dresser.

Listen to minute 6 to hear the most common mistake buyers make when choosing a bag size, and how to select the right briefcase for your needs.

mens tan briefcase

Listen closely at minute 3 as William will reveal to you what parts of the bag you need to inspect to ensure it’s going to last.

He then lays out why you’re going to need to spend at least $300 for a quality leather bag and unfortunately where some manufactures skimp to save money.

inside leather case

I also ask William to expand on which types of cases wear out sooner, and what styles a man should lean towards if he wants a briefcase that can take a heavy beating.

I was actually surprised to learn which type of leather bag was the most durable.  Listen to minute 10 to hear William cover this.

attache case hinge

We also cover the issue of commuting and briefcase weight.  Listen to Williams thoughts on how to properly carry a heavy briefcase without wheels at minute 13.

tan leather satchel

Again – 25 minutes of solid information on how to buy a briefcase.  Just click on the audio player above or save the file and listen at your convenience.

Thank you again to William and his team.  To view more of his company’s Italian Leather bags visit their website here

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