What is your BURNING Style Problem?

As much as I’d like to think you read my website because it’s so darn cool….

…..the truth is you’re here because you need a problem solved.


Plain and simple you have burning questions.

And you want solid, detailed, logical answers.

So what is your burning style problem?


Are you 50 years old, 70 pounds overweight, and want to know which pieces of clothing you can add to your wardrobe in the next month so you look more professional and trim?

Are you 20 years old, tall & skinny – and want to know what 5 affordable casual clothing brands should you be looking at and what styles/patterns suit you?

Are you 33 with 2 kids, a wife, a mortgage, and need to know how to build a better wardobe on $2,000 in the next 4 months?

Are you a 42 year old body builder with a new banking job that requires a suit Monday through Friday – how do you find one that fits, how many should you own, and whayt colors styles are needed?

I want to hear your PROBLEMS!


Please fill out the form below with your ONE greatest style PAIN.

Tell me your one PROBLEM, that if I solve you’ll be shouting for joy!

(well – you don’t shout out load)


Be specific.  Be detailed.  And I’ll do my best to deliver help in 2013!


OK – so no promises I’ll be able to answer all your requests.  But I will do my best to write about as many of these in the coming year.

And it feels good to vent sometimes:)


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