Suit Buttoning Rules | What To Button & Why | How To Button Your Suits

How To Button A Suit Jacket Infographic

What are the rules on buttoning a suit? Why are there even rules on buttoning suits? Well - the rules are easy enough to learn. I've laid them out in the suit buttoning infographic below. But why do we do this? Why even care about suit buttoning rules? 2 Reasons 1) It sends a signal that you pay … [Read more...]

Beginners Guide To Styling & Growing A Beard | How To Grow A Beard Featuring BeardBrand


This is a guestpost from my friend Eric Bandholz of Beardbrand. ┬áHe has an epic beard I am jealous of and he can write - so give him your attention! - Antonio To grow an awesome beard, simply put away your razor and trimmer and wait. That's all there is to it; or so most men would have you … [Read more...]

Man’s Guide To 16 Beards – Beard Style Infographic For Men

A Man's Guide To Beards

Considering a beard? Well you're probably wondering which style will best suit you? To help you decide - I've created a handy info-graphic with 16 beard styles. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

3 Facial Hair Resources For Men – Beardbrand | 30 Days To A Great Shave | Science Of Beards Mustaches & Stubble


Facial Hair. Shave or not to shave? Beard, stubble, mustache, or just keep it clean shaven. Gents - this is a big topic. And today I have a treat for you. Three options for you in this round-up - three paths concerning the hair on our face. The science of facial hair? How to get a great … [Read more...]

Style, Sex Appeal, & Science | Art of Charm Podcast Interview with Jordan Harbinger

Art of Charm - Man in suit and hat

The way a man's clothing can turn on (or off) a woman is not something I normally cover. Not that I'm a prude, it's just that I have simply chosen to focus on style and business. In fact, inside my Style System Course I teach an entire section on style & sex appeal.   Maybe someday I'll … [Read more...]

How To Fold A Suit Jacket When Traveling | Folding Sports Jackets & Blazers For Travel

3 Ways To Fold A Suit Jacket Sport Jackets Blazer Jackets

3 ways to fold a suit jacket, sport jacket, or blazer jacket. Because you can't always keep them on a hanger and you want to know the right way to do it to avoid wrinkling and damage to your jackets! My personal favorite? Guess in the comments below and I'll let you know if you get it!   … [Read more...]

10 Speaking Tips & Advanced Presentation Advice | How To Give A Powerful Speech

Fear of Public Speaking

Let me start by saying that being able to effectively present in front of a crowd is important. Public speaking isn't just for corporate salespeople or teachers or whatever comes to mind when you hear the phrase. All of us are going to have the "opportunity" to speak publicly. It might not feel like a … [Read more...]

Attractive Students Get Better Grades? 3 Scientific Reasons Why Students Should Dress Sharp


High school and college students are not generally regarded as paragons of style. If anything, academic campuses have a reputation as black holes of fashion, where fleeting trends go to die and be buried in a graveyard of ratty flannels, torn blue jeans, and Ugg boots. That can make it awfully … [Read more...]

33 Travel Tips – A Man’s Guide To Traveling With Style & Being Prepared Upon Arrival

Roadmap 1

I LOVE to travel. There is just something about waking up in a new setting, seeing views you've only read about, and finding yourself in a crowd that speaks a foreign language that helps you understand how amazing this world is. It was during one of these trips - living with a family in Kyiv, Ukraine - … [Read more...]