Interested In An Austin, Texas Meet-up?

In early May I’ll be in Austin.

I judge at the University of Texas’ Venture lab Investment Competition.  It’s a fun event where I have the privilege to work with entrepreneurs from around the world.

During my stay I’ll have some free time before and after the event – normally I would visit businesses by myself, meet the owners, and have great conversations.

But this year I’m wondering how many of ya’ll would like to join me?


Is there interest in an Austin Texas Meetup?  Tuesday May 1st or Sunday May 6th?


Tentatively this would be a full day tour of 3-4 stores (meet owners/manager/discuss style and excellence) – starting with a morning coffee and with a lunch break. Expect to walk – although having a car handy won’t hurt if we decide to visit a place a little off the beaten path.

FYI – I read this article the other day and I want to do a better job of meeting you all in person and creating REAL friendships – you have supported my endeavors and I want to shake your hand.  So I look at this walking tour & lunch as a fun way to do it.


  • LoneStarBrit

    Western Boots. As an Englishman living in Texas I would find it interesting to read about the viewpoint on those.

  • rmrstyle

     @LoneStarBrit Thanks for the vote sir!  Can you make the meetup?

  • LoneStarBrit

     @rmrstyle Unfortunately, due to work commitments up in Dallas, I won’t be able to. I certainly wish I was able to get down there, though. Enjoy Austin!

  • Wolfy_12

    I really wish I could make that meet up, but I’m totally broke haha. That would be awesome to shake your hand, you are certainly a man among boys. Anyways, enjoy your trip!-Wolf

  • jivetough

    Your thoughts on Western Shirts would be interesting. As a Texian living out of state I sometimes wear them when I am feeling homesick. I stick out like a sore thumb but I feel proud.

  • mrwilliams18

    I am a guy who sweats a lot and I’d love to hear more about warm weather sport shirts.

  • rmrstyle

     @mrwilliams18 In the works!

  • rmrstyle

     @jivetough Good suggestion – I’ll have to see what we can do there.