5 Reasons Why a Man Should Know How to Iron a Dress Shirt

Wearing wrinkled clothing is the quickest way to announce that you don’t pay attention to the details. And men who don’t pay attention to the small details are rarely trusted to handle larger tasks.

Yes, it seems silly that something as small as wrinkles can negate the positive effect of an otherwise good looking outfit.  But it can and it will.

A man should know how to iron a dress shirt.  Need a reason why?  Here are five:

First, you can save quite a bit of money – Assuming that you’re paying the very inexpensive rate of $1 per shirt to your dry cleaner; at 20 shirts per month you’re going to spend $240 per year.  This amount can easily balloon to $1000 if you’re paying anywhere near $4 to $6 a shirt.

men's shirt laundered price

Second, you’ll do a better job cleaning it – simply put, it’s your shirt and you know that there is a blood stain on the cuff that needs to be treated and you know exactly how you like your collars to be pressed.  Doing the work yourself allows you to get precisely what you want.

Third, your shirts will last longer – When you clean the shirt, you have the option of cleaning it more thoroughly in the areas that need it (collar and cuffs) and lightly in areas that don’t (body and sleeves).  Hand washing combined with hang drying will prevent shrinkage and excessive wear, adding years to the life of a shirt in your normal rotation.

Fourth, you control the situation – When you need a crisp white dress shirt ready ASAP you have control of the situation and aren’t relying on a dry cleaner’s 24 hours service.

The difference an ironing makesFifth, you can iron a dress shirt in 2 minutes – Ironing a dress shirt is not as time intensive as you may think.  The key is you need to iron your clothing in a batch to spread out the set-up time that makes ironing a single shirt occasionally a 10 to 15 minute ordeal.

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