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18 Ways To Tie A Necktie

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I’m creating a slightly “heavier” version of this with written instructions – that version will sell on Amazon later next month.


Curious –

What necktie knot is your favorite of the 18 we illustrated in the book?

Any suggestions as to how I can improve the illustrations?

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below!


Sincerely – Antonio

  • Marcos

    Thanks Antonio! As always, top notch content. I keep all of the stuff you send me and have enjoyed talking to you personally a couple of times.

    Keep up the good work!


  • RMRStyle

    You are very welcome Marcos – it is my pleasure!

  • George

    Finally, a simple, extensive and comprehensive instruction manual for ties! Gotta love it :D

  • RMRStyle

    Thank you George! Yea – I guess it is all those things :)

  • David Klein

    Antonio, this a great encyclopedia of necktie knots. This is something that every guy needs to know. I’ve found some knots I want to try. Antonio, could you make this info available in a mobile phone app? I would be willing to pay a few bucks for such an app. If you have an app that you use for ties I would like to hear about it. I haven’t been able to find one that is as complete as your list.

  • RMRStyle

    David – I want to but finding an app developer I can trust at a reasonable price has been VERY hard! I’m going to release it as an ebook and then try to use those proceeds to turn it into an app – but yea – I agree – it could be a GREAT app!

  • Guest

    Antonio – thank your for breaking this down so easily. I now have no excuse to try these. I am still confused by the great variety in neck tie lengths, from the short fat ones to the long skinny ones. What do you recommend about matching a know to the length?

  • Guest

    correction in last sentence –> know=knot.

  • Johan

    Hi! Thanks for these, I never knew there were so many ways to tie a tie. A suggestion: in the Knot Features you could also include a measure of how much tie length the knot needs. Short people need different tie lengths than tall people, and different knots are needed to hide excess tie length. Thanks for a great site!

  • Matthew Chippin

    I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. I know a few knots it’s just nice to have a concise resource.

  • RMRStyle

    Welcome Matthew – thanks for being a subscriber :)

  • RMRStyle

    An interesting suggestion – I’ll look to add it into the descriptions we’re writing for the Amazon version!

  • RMRStyle

    Will address this in the updated version!

  • Lee

    Hi Antonio, thanks for the free eBook. I always wondered how to tie the eldredge – now I know! I’m curious about uneven knots – why would someone want one? Doesn’t an uneven knot just look sloppy? Like I tried to get it straight but it turned out a bit uneven?
    Thanks again! :)

  • Elvin Morales-Lopez

    Thanks Antonio. Now I will be able to stand out when I am networking in. I will try one of the uncommon knots, It can be a conversation starter.

  • Paul

    Thanks, man. You spoil your subscribers!

  • menstyle

    You are welcome Lee! Glad to hear. Uneven knots depend on the occasion – it can be a formal, business or daily setting.

  • menstyle

    You are welcome Elvin. Glad to hear that.

  • Calvin

    Thanks. Antonio for all that you do.

  • James

    Thanks for the illustrations. Personally, I tend to stick with the Four In Hand when I want a smaller knot and the Half Windsor when I want a wider one.

    For those interested in more ways to tie a tie, check out Thomas Fink’s site at He’s one of the authors of the book 85 Ways to Tie a Tie. If you want to know more about the mathematics behind the list, I think he links to journal articles at the top of the page. Enjoy!

  • RMRStyle

    Welcome sir!

  • RMRStyle

    Great resource – a bit overwhelming – but a great resource!

  • RMRStyle

    Well, I do hit them up to buy my courses occasionally so I figure it’s a fair exchange :) !

  • Ed

    Thanks Antonio!


  • James

    Agreed, there is a lot there and not everyone will be interested in all of it. I happen to like the math behind determining what makes an aesthetically pleasing knot, but others might not. But beside the vast array of knots it has, I like pointing out this site because I think it’s got a great way of explaining how to tie the knots. To me, the left-right-center (L-R-C) notation is so intuitive that when I first read it, I wondered why tie knots aren’t always explained that way. But pictures are definitely useful, because different people need different teaching methods to learn best, and yours are good illustrations. Thanks for the book!

  • menstyle

    You are welcome

  • menstyle

    Great point there James

  • Susan

    Thank you! Who knew there were so many ways to tie a tie. Now when I meet with my clients I will be able to share my new knowledge!

  • menstyle

    You’re welcome, Susan! Glad to hear that!

  • marc

    Awesome! Just in time, I have a wedding this weekend and it has been a loooooong time since I tied a tie. Thanks for sharing this!
    Marc T

  • menstyle

    You are welcome Marc! Glad to hear that

  • R.Duivis

    Nooooo I missed it!

  • Tony Annechino

    I, also, am a sad panda…

  • Tony Annechino

    I, also, am a sad panda…