13 Bags A Man Should Buy – Visual Guide To Men’s Luggage



It’s something every man needs, but most of us aren’t excited to buy.



Luggage is confusing. 

What should you buy?  

How much should you spend?  How to spot good quality?


Well, in the info-graphic below I lay out the thirteen bags I feel every man should consider owning.

As for quality pieces that are worth your hard earned money?

Click on the links below to see my choice for each of the bags listed.

The 13 bags I think every man should buy at some point in his career are:

  1. Dopp Kit
  2. Shoe Bag
  3. Garment Bag
  4. Tote Bag
  5. Satchel
  6. Briefcase
  7. Backpack
  8. Overnight Bag
  9. Messenger Bag
  10. Wheeled Carry-on
  11. Weekender Bag
  12. Duffel Bag
  13. Large Suitcase


Timeless Style Tip – Buy Quality Once.  

You may pay more upfront, but 5 years later you’ll have a handsome piece that looks better with age vs. having to go shopping to replace a cheap buy.


 13 Bags A Man Should Own  Dopp Kit Shoe Bag Garment Bags Tote Satchel Briefcase Backpack Overnight Bags Messenger Bag Wheeled Carry-on  Weekender Bag Duffel Bag Large Suitcase